Hardcore Uncle Homie Clothing

We offer a high quality brand of clothing with a hardcore flare.

In addition to our hardcore clothing, we offer some items that you might find yourself in need of on your next hardcore adventure, wherever that may take you.

The "HUH" Brand!

HUH Clothing is celebrating our grand opening (Expected 4/20/16). At Hardcore Uncle Homie our motto is, "110%, the amount of effort it takes to be the best." This is why we meticulously source all of our materials and labor from the United States. Our quality and attention to detail is how we survive. If there is an issue with any HUH gear, we will promptly dive into finding the root cause of the issue and making sure it doesn't happen again. We will make it right! Our 110% is in everything we do, from HUH brand clothing, all the way to our HUH sponsored riders. We take care to do things right so next time you need some gear, you think of us! Thank you from the HUH team and we look forward to the journey with you.

What We Offer

About HUH Clothing...

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