Hardcore Uncle Homie Clothing

110%: The amount of effort that it takes to be the best!

Each of the items of clothing we produce are made 100% in the USA. From the items we customize to the people that customize it for us, everything is "homegrown" in the US!

Choose from a variety of styles to fit your needs. This section is reserved to showcase the new upcoming designs that will be for sale soon. Hardcore designs from a Hardcore design crew!

HUH Clothing

Upcoming Designs

At HUH Clothing we believe in rewarding Hardcore behavior. The HUH team takes votes monthly on the best "Hardcore" videos that get submitted to us. Whatever video gets the most votes gets the monthly special item for FREE! HUH does not condone injury in any way, so keep it safe or we will not consider the video in the vote. Thank you and play Hard...core!

Making the most of HUH